Student Web Server Agreement


  • Have a link to the policy section on the student web server that is located on their home page.
  • Have a link to the College of Technology home page on their home page.
  • Have a link to The University of Montana home page on their home page.
  • Have the following text located on every page: “The University of Montana is not responsible for any materials presented on this web server.” 
  • Read and understand the agreement below:

Acceptable and Unacceptable Activities 

A.     Professionalism:  All material on the UM Student Web Server should be in good taste and of professional quality. No page may include libelous, pornographic, offensive, violent, or discriminatory material. 

B.     Don't disrupt:  UM prohibits attempts to disrupt function or performance or to circumvent intended security of any data, communications, systems, or password. Violators face immediate termination of all access to technology resources, academic and employment discipline, and possibly law enforcement or legal action.

C.     Don't interfere:  UM prohibits attempts to unnecessarily impede the authorized activities of others.  Such impediments include, but are not limited to: publicly displaying or printing pornography or other items likely to intimidate; sending unsolicited, inappropriate communications; needlessly tying up workstations, printers, or network resources with low-priority activities; and willfully misrepresenting the intentions of another.

D.     Conserve:  Do not waste system resources or attempt to circumvent resource quotas.  After appropriate warnings (including publicly-posted expiration policies) system administrators can remove unauthorized data, electronic mail, files, and accounts. 

E.    Observe copyright:  All intellectual works are protected by copyright law even if no copyright notice is visible.  Fair Use laws for academic and journalistic purposes allow limited excerpts for certain purposes and domains.  Software is also protected by copyright law, by license agreements, and at the University often by site license agreements restricting use to classroom or academic support.  Trademark and patent law may also apply to electronic media.

F.     Commercial Use: Any use of University property or equipment by non-University personnel must be authorized by Business Services and all sales, solicitations and collections in University buildings or on University grounds, and all uses of the University for commercial or promotional advertising purposes are prohibited without prior authorization. 

    • Allowed:  Business operations of official auxiliary enterprises such as the Athletics, and the University Book Store; non-profit advertising and mission-centered services by University members, such as "bicycle for sale" and "tutoring services" in designated areas such as electronic equivalents of bulletin boards or classified advertisements (but not by email); simulated advertisements for class work so long as all materials are identified as work for a specific course and removed when no longer needed.
    • Not allowed:  Standing offers of goods or services that lacks prior Business Services authorization;  any for-profit service for a non-University member or organization that lacks prior Business Service authorization.  When in doubt, ask first.

G.   Other University prohibitions:  The University prohibits use of its resources:  for plagiarism, cheating or any activities contrary to University policy; for harassment or intimidation; for promotion of political or religious agendas except in public debate or with written authorization.

I have read and understood the contents of the Student web server agreement and will abide by them:

  I Agree