Student Web Server Policy and Requirements

I.    Purpose: The purpose of UM Student Web Server is to provide students with an opportunity to experiment with developing material for the Internet in preparation for professional life in the Information Age.  The MC Student Web Server will facilitate the posting of information such as resumes, professional projects, course assignments, and other materials for a student’s digital portfolio to demonstrate the level of competency that the student has with using information technology as a promotional medium.

II.   Definitions

A.     Open Web Access - Pages published are open to everyone with access to the Internet.

B.     Secure Web Access - This access will be limited to people with accounts on the MC network.  Students will use secure web access to post and make changes to their pages.

III.   Policies

A.     Operation and Support: MC Academic Computing is responsible for developing and implementing the policies for the Student Web Server.

B.     Training Responsibility:  The faculty teaching courses using the Student Web Server are responsible for training students on how to develop web pages with the assistance of the Student Web Master. Academic Computing will provide support and training for the faculty.

C.     Posting Period, and Space Allotment: The posting period will be one semester at a time.  Each student will be allotted 200 megabytes of space on the Student Web Server.

D.     Assessment Process: The impact will be assessed by tracking usage by students and by conducting discussions with students, faculty, and staff on how to best utilize the Student Web Server.

E.      Consequences of Misuse: MC reserves the right to review and remove pages that are in violation of the acceptable uses listed below or other University of Montana-Missoula policies.  Action may be taken for misuse according to established University of Montana-Missoula policies and the Student Code of Conduct.  Any disciplinary action must follow established University procedures to ensure due process.

F.      Personal Liability: The content of personal pages is the individual’s responsibility. MC does not assume responsibility or liability for any actions, which may result from a student’s personal pages.

G.     Policy Agreement Form: All students, groups, faculty, or staff with materials on the MC Student Web Server must agree they have read and will follow the Student Web Server Policy.

H.     Review: The Academic Computing will periodically review this policy.

IV.  Acceptable Use

A.     Professionalism:  All material on the MC Student Web Server should be in good taste and of professional quality. No page may include libelous, pornographic, offensive, violent, or discriminatory material. 

B.     Don't disrupt:  MC prohibits attempts to disrupt function or performance or to circumvent intended security of any data, communications, systems, or password. Violators face immediate termination of all access to technology resources, academic and employment discipline, and possibly law enforcement or legal action.

C.     Don't interfere:  MC prohibits attempts to unnecessarily impede the authorized activities of others.  Such impediments include, but are not limited to: publicly displaying or printing pornography or other items likely to intimidate; sending unsolicited, inappropriate communications; needlessly tying up workstations, printers, or network resources with low-priority activities; and willfully misrepresenting the intentions of another.

D.     Conserve:  Do not waste system resources or attempt to circumvent resource quotas.  After appropriate warnings (including publicly-posted expiration policies) system administrators can remove unauthorized data, electronic mail, files, and accounts. 

E.      Disclaimer for Student Personal Web Pages: The creation of individual web pages is a matter of free speech that must be protected in an academic environment.  The Student Directory Page linking all student pages will include the following disclaimer:

UM recognizes the value of Internet publishing, and encourages faculty and staff to experiment with personal web pages.  The College and University can accept no responsibility for the content of personal pages.  The views and opinions expressed in personal pages are strictly those of the page author.  Comments on the contents should be directed to the page author.  The College and University reserve the right to remove any web page that is found to be in violation of university policies.


Students must include the following text on their home page with a link to the MC Student Web Server Policy page:

The University of Montana are not responsible for any materials presented on this web site.  The complete policy for sites on this web server can be found on the College of Technology Student Web Server Policy page.


F.      Copyright & Licensing Agreements: Materials must not be published on the web in violation of copyright or the terms of any licensing agreement.  No photographs, drawings, images, video clips, or audio clips should be used on the web without the permission of the copyright holder.  Fair Use laws for academic and journalistic purposes allow limited excerpts for certain purposes and domains.  Notice of copyright is not legally required for copyright protection, but the use of copyright notice is strongly encouraged.  An example would be © Copyright 2006 by The University of Montana-Missoula.  All rights reserved.  For further restrictions add: This document may not be reproduced, permanently stored in a database, or distributed by any means without the prior written consent of the author, except as permitted by the Copyright Act of 1976 and Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

G.     Trademarks and Patents:  Software and electronic media are protected by trademark and patent laws.  Use of media or software that violates trademarks or patents is prohibited.

H.     File Distribution: The Student Web Server must not be used for the distribution of copyrighted materials created by others such as music, videos, or other multimedia files.

I.        Commercial Use:  Any use of the Student Web Server for commercial sales or promotional advertising is prohibited without prior authorization by The University of Montana.

J.       Other Restrictions:  MC prohibits the use of its resources for plagiarism or cheating, for harassment or intimidation, or for any activities contrary to University of Montana policies or any applicable law.

V.     Guidelines – Web developers should abide by these guidelines for development, documentation, and organization of web materials.  Review these guidelines on a regular basis, because the recommendation will be updated and expanded as the technology evolves.

A.  Students must include the following text on their home page with a link to the MC Student Web Server Policy page:

The University of Montana are not responsible for any materials presented on this web site.  The complete policy for sites on this Web Server can be found on the College of Technology Student Web Server Policy page.


B.   Official UM & MC Page Links – Student’s are encouraged to provide links to the MC and UM main pages ( &

C.  Navigation – Students should provide navigational aids on all pages, which link back to the student’s home page.

D.  Identification – Students are encouraged to identify their relationship with The University of Montana on their web pages.  All pages must contain the name of the organization or individual responsible for content and maintenance, and include the last updated date on all documents.

E.   Email Link – Include an email link on all web pages so that viewers can contact you for additional information.

F.   Responsibility – Each student is responsible for development and maintenance of his or her own page.  They must check for spelling, grammar, punctuation and general content.  It is recommended that you only publish what you can maintain.

G.  Page Links – Please keep dead links to a minimum.  Relative referencing can help reduce dead links.  Relative referencing does not call out a specific path or URL; the reference is relative to the location of the file, which includes a link to another file.

H.  Network Traffic – Student personal pages should not create a volume of network traffic or computer system load that disrupts or interferes with the normal activities of the college or university.

I.    File Organization – Students are encouraged to organize files into subdirectories.  Examples of subdirectories would include images or assets, presentations, resume, projects, photos, etc.

J.    Student Directory Page – The Student Directory Page will have an alphabetical listing of all students with web pages.  Academic Computing will maintain this directory.